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Thank you for visiting Ketamine Milwaukee.

You have no doubt been hearing more about Ketamine for treatment resistant depression and other mental health diseases.  I want to thank you for visiting KetamineMilwaukee.com and let you know more about our clinic and philosophy.

(see also: Ketamine FAQ’s for providers.)

We view the role of Ketamine Milwaukee as providing an important service to support patients with refractory depression, much like a dialysis clinic provides a service supporting renal failure patients.

We believe Ketamine is an incredible breakthrough treatment, but understand it is still best used as piece of a global treatment plan for the patient. 

As such, all patients at Ketamine Milwaukee are required to be actively working with a psychiatrist, psychologist, or qualified primary care physician managing their mental health.  

I am a board-certified anesthesiologist skilled at the safe use of Ketamine and other sedatives.  Infusions are administered either by myself or Jodi Dreier, our advance care nurse practitioner and we are assisted in the clinic by licensed paramedics and EMT’s.  We are one of only three clinics in the country (at the time of this writing) to utilize continuous non-invasive hemodynamic monitoring rather than intermittent bp monitoring used at most clinics.  

Our clinic is located adjacent to an independent mental health clinic, providing immediate access to psychiatrists and therapists in the (very rare) case that a mental health emergency would arise during treatment. 

If you have a patient in mind who might benefit from Ketamine, please see the secure referral form on this website.  My phone is below, and I’m always happy to answer any questions you may have.  


Kevin J. Kane, MD

Phone: 414-206-1606
Fax: 262-208-1405
Email:  info@ketaminemilwaukee.com (We use Paubox seamless, HIPAA compliant email.) 

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If you have a patient you are considering for referral to Ketamine Milwaukee, please fill out the Patient Referral Form and I will contact your patient to set up an evaluation for ketamine therapy.

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