Unfortunately, Ketamine Infusions are not covered by insurance at this time.

Infusion Cost $495

Each IV Ketamine infusion costs $495.  On treatment days you’ll spend 1 1/2 to 2 hours at the clinic.  You will need to abstain from eating food for 6 hours and from drinking liquids for 2 hours prior to your scheduled arrival time.  You will also need to arrange a driver to take you home afterwards.

Initial Series

We generally start with a series of 6 infusions over 3 weeks to build and strengthen new connections in the brain.  This has been shown to lengthen the duration of the Ketamine benefit.

We realize that every patient situation is different, so we can customize a plan to fit your schedule if more or less frequent treatments are needed while still maintaining the maximum improvement from Ketamine.

The majority of our patients feel a meaningful improvement in their mood within the first 3 sessions.

Followup Infusions

Followup (booster) infusions are scheduled on an individual as-needed basis.  Most people schedule boosters about every 4-6 weeks, however some patients are able to stretch the time out much farther.

Interested in Ketamine Treatment?

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